Monday, June 25, 2007

Enchanted Village and Wild Waves

Every year it is a tradition to go to Enchanted Village and Wild Waves in Federal Way. This year was alot of fun becuase both the boys could participate in the rides. Lil' E and Doble rode alot together as did Lil' E and Daddy. Mommy had to stand by and watch becuase pregos can't ride rides. That's okay, because everyone still had alot of fun. Daddy really enjoys the rides and this year one of his favorites as the bumper cars. However, he did get in trouble for driving the wrong way.
Take A Look At The Fun We Had!

Here is Lil' E and Daddy on Espn's first roller coaster ride. He looks scared, but he actually really liked it.

The boys in their sweet futuristic car. Doble loved the rides. This one was his very first ride ever.

Mommy was nervous to put Doble on the boat ride. I was just scared that he would attempt to climb out, but I was wrong and he stayed sitting the whole time.

Lil' E on the Helicopters all by himself. He couldn't figure out how to make it fly so he and Daddy had to ride the next time around together.

Whee! Doble and Aunti Bailes on the Helicopter. They got up higher than Daddy and Lil' E.

Last year Mommy and Lil' E went on the Scrambler together. This year Mommy couldn't go so Aunti Bailes and Matt took him. He was freaked out at first until Bailes told him it would be fun to squish Matt.

For some reason we could not get Lil' Eto go on this car ride. He went on it last year no problem. Later we found out it was becuase he was afraid of the man opperating it. He didn't want the guy to help him in the car. He was okay when Daddy helped him.
Yay! The Carousel...Finally a ride Mommy can go on. Lil' E was a bit pooped by this point.
We had a bunch of stares and cold looks when we tried getting Lil' E on the Pirate Ship. We knew he would like it once he was on it, but he went on kicking and screaming. When he got off he couldn't wait to get back on. I think Daddy took him on it like 4 or 5 times. Crazy Kid!!
Everyone went out to enjoy the water. Mommy and Doble stayed behind becuase Doble was getting a little heat exhausted. Lil' E didn't want to get into the water and wanted to go back to the rides so Mommy met up with him and Daddy and left Doble with Duema. When we came back he was fast asleep on Duema's chest.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Playing at The Beach


On a beautiful night like this we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go and play on the beach. The boys had fun playing in the sand, throwing rocks, climbing cliffs, and building their beautiful nature statue.



For Lil' E's birthday, Mema and Papa bought him a fishing pole and tackle box. We had to try it out so we took the boys to the Duck Park. The city stocks the pond with rainbow trout and let kids 13 and under fish for free without licenses. We brought Keen and Tay Tay along with us. The day was beautiful and the Lil' E and Keen both caught their limit of two fish apiece. They were actually really big. All four fish were at least 15 inches and Keen caught the biggest. It was really fun, but the boys got a little spoiled becuase it wasn't like real fishing where you have to wait and be patient. They were getting bites right and left and it only took us an hour to catch the four fish. All in all it was a great time.

Getting ready to catch some fish.

Aunt Tay Tay and Doble watching the action.

Waiting patiently for the fish to bite.

Look what I caught...that is one BIG Whoosh!

Daddy was proud of his little guy. Lil' E reeled his fish in all by himself.

Two very happy boys with their fish.

I'ts Your Birthday Shout Hooray!

Lil' E Turn's 3!

Happy Birthday Lil' E. Wow where did the years go. I can't believe our little boy is now three years old. It is crazy to think how time flies and it isn't just him anymore. Now we have two little boys and a little girl on the way. Lil' E's third birthday was a lot of fun. He couldn't wait to share it with everyone, especially Keen(his cousin).

Lil' Eloves to eat out at Applebee's. We gave him the choice of Applebees's or McDonalds and of course he chose Applebee's. Good choice kiddo. Mema, Papa, Grandma, Tay Tay, Keen, Bailes, Matt, Mommy, Daddy, and Doble all joined him. He was so excited when they brought him a sundae with balloons attached to it, but he really didn't want to eat it. He was saving room for the Thomas cake at home.

After just a few bites Lil' E was not interested in his sundae anymore.

The look on Lil' E's face when he came into the house was great. Auntie Bailes had brought him a Thomas the Train choo choo train balloon that she made at work. He loved it. I think Bailes was the winnner of the gifts this year. Lil' E loved the balloons, the Thomas swim shorts, and the Thomas ABC book she gave him. Mommy and Daddy gave him a big kid bike and a Thomas helmet. He saw that thing and hopped right on.

Lil' E's look when he saw all the balloons for his party.

Come on Thomas let's go!!

Thanks everyone for all the fun gifts.

Mommy Wow! I'm a Big Kid Now!!


If I would have known Lil' E was going to love his cake so much, I wouldn't have worried so much on what to get him. We could have just given him the cake and he would have been 100% satisfied. He saw Mommy decorating it all day and couldn't wait to tell everyone about it. Whenever he would talk to someone on the phone he would bring the phone to the cake and try to show the person on the other end. He told everyone at the restaurant about it and still tells people about the cake he got for his birthday. I must say I was very pleased with it myself. It was really hard to see it being cut. Lil' E had no problem digging right in. However, the next day he wasn't too happy when he realized that it was gone.

Happy Birthday Lil' E! You sure have gotten so big.
Here is a video clip of Lil' E singing Happy Birthday To You.


This year for Memorial Day Weekend we went to Fish Lake in Wenatchee. It is kind of a tradition in Peaches' family. This year was the first time since I have been in highschool that we were able to go. We were able to take the kids and have a blast. We did meet a few bumps in the road...We had to take Doble to the doctor for pink eye (everything turned out fine) and one day we spent in Wenatchee looking for a senior ball dress for Bailes. We didn't have any luck, but it was still fun.

Camping with two little boys can be a challenge, but it was also very very fun. Lil' E loved sleeping in his own sleeping bag on his own airmattress. Doble on the other hand had a rough night the first night. He woke up at 3 in the morning crying really hard. This is not like him. The campers in the sight next to us were pretty upset. They couldn't say much however becuase they kept us up half the night with their talking. And it is not like you can get upset at a one year old. He wasn't doing it on purpose. He was just cold and confused. Lil' E was fascinated with the fire and we had to keep him away from it alot, but for the most part he was a really good listener. Papa on the other hand almost caught camp on fire with his "Ring of Fire" trick. It was all good though.

Doble in the tent
Bailes' DIRTY feet.

When he wasn't in the playpen Doble enjoyed hanging out in the camping chairs.

Espn playing in the tent with Mema, Bailes, and Erca

Lil' E and Doble watching Thomas before dinner.
Sleeping like a log. Both the boys did really good sleeping out in the wild (well after that first initial night).

MMM...Papa sure does know how to make yummy food. The boys especially loved the corn on the cob cooked over the fire.

You can't go to Fish Lake without going fishing. Daddy, Lil' E, and Papa were the first to go out onto the boat. Mommy, Mema, Doble, Bailes, and Erca tried their luck on the dock. The dock was way too crowded so we caught NOTHING! The boys on the other hand came back with quite a few and Lil' E even got the chance to reel them in. He had alot of fun out on the boat. He was walking around as if he owned the thing and wasn't scared at all.

Good Luck Boys...Catch us some yummy fish for dinner!

Doble and Guenter playing on the dock.

Lil' E's first fish
Looks like we have plenty for dinner

What little boy doesn't like to throw rocks in the water. I don't know what it is about rocks and water, but Lil' E loves to throw them in. I think he gets it from his daddy becuase D.J. was having just as much fun as Lil' E was throwing them in.

Lil' Eprobably could have spent hours throwing rocks in if we would have let him.

What do you do when you are too far to take your child to a bathroom to go potty? I guess you could try this...
Fishy, Fishy in the Sea How many times did you go Pee?
I know we could have had him go in a bush or behind a tree or something, but he had to go and he was so excited to go in the river.

Right outside Leavenworth there is a little candy store that is full of different specialty candies. We stopped there twice while we were camping. Some of our favorites were the Kookaburra Australian Black Licorice, the Saltwater Taffy, and the 10 cent Candy Sticks. The veiw outside of the store was beautiful and we just had to take some family pictures.

Daddy and the Boys

Our Little Family

The Whole Family:
Papa, Mema, Guenther, Bailes, Lil' E, Peaches, Doble, D.J.

Being Silly!!