Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wreath Krispies

I had all intentions to make these fun treats with the kids BEFORE Christmas, but I decided to take it easy and just relax and not worry about extra projects.  So we made them today. It was just Razy and I making them. The boys were to involved with watching Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue.  Meant for Razy to watch and fall asleep to.  Making treats is more fun then sleeping though, right?!

She is quite red hot placer.

All done and ready to be eaten. 

To Make:
1/4 cup butter
1 bag of mini marshmellows.  (I love Jet Puffed,  they are always fresh and make perfect treats)
green food coloring
2 cups of Corn Flakes
small amount of frosting
Red Hots

Melt butter and marshmellows.  Add green food coloring.  Take off heat and add corn flakes.  Drop by 1/4 cup onto parchment or wax paper.  Using finger poke a hole in the middle to shape into a wreath.  Using frosting as glue add red hots.  Easy Peasy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hens and German Pancakes

I love going out to the hen house to see what gifts our hens have left for us.  It never gets old finding an egg in the nesting box.  The hens know we are coming too.  When they hear the back door close they come running to see if we are bringing them treats or if we are letting them out into the chicken run. 
 This morning I made a yummy and beautiful batch of German Pancakes.  Yes there is a difference when using store bought eggs and those freshly laid.  The pancakes come out fluffy and a wonderful golden color.  The yokes of fresh farm eggs are a deep orange, not that dull yellow you find in the store.  They are firm and round and don't just ooze when you crack them open.  Don't believe me try it out yourself. 
Henny and Penny the Golden Laced Twins
These are two favorites.  They lay the most beautiful brown eggs.  They love to come running over to greet you to see if you have any treats for them. 

Zebra our Barred Rock (Plymouth Rock)
She is one of our first birds.  Her sister, Mama Fluff (a buff orphington) was killed by a hawk this fall.  We got the two in June of 09 and it was just the two of them till Fluff hatched and cared for 9 other chicks this past summer. Zebra lays big light brown eggs.  When I say big I mean monsterous. 

Cookie.  We don't know what type she is, but she was the runt of the bunch for a while.  She is now the same size of the others, but her little pink eggs are the smallest of the hens.

These three have yet to have names.  They are Americauna mix (easter eggers) we think.  We know that two fo them are laying and they lay green and blue eggs.  They are our shy ladies.  When all the others come out to greet us, these three stay back and actually run into the house to hide.

Snow White.  We are unsure of her breed as well, but she lays a green egg.  She is another that likes to run out to greet us.  She is probably one of our most leanest chickens.  

Lil' E being greeted by some of the ladies as he brings them a treat of grass he's just picked. 

Penny up on a perch.  It never gets old watching the ladies out in the chicken yard. 

Licorice, another unknown breed is a beautiful bird.  She is black with shimmering green feathers.  Up by her head and neck she has red feathers.  This was actually a surprise to find her in the nesting basket.  I didn't even know she was laying yet.  I will have to go out and check in a few minutes to see what her eggs look like. 

Well there you go.  You have now met each of our hens.  We love having them and can't wait to get some more little chicks this spring.  Who knows maybe one of our hens will go broody and they can hatch them herself. 

German Pancakes
1 cup flour
1cup milk
6 eggs
1 TBS vanilla
2 TBS butter
Melt butter in a 9x13 pan as you preheat oven to 425. 
Mix milk and flour till smooth.
Add eggs one at a time.  Mix till completely incorporated.
Mix in vanilla.
Pour into the pan and bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. 
Serve with syrup and powdered sugar.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Pickle

Christmas Eve when fast asleep
The Christmas Pickle plays hide and seek.
When you awake on Christmas Morn,
Before all the wrapping is wripped and torn.
Seek that Pickle and you shall be,
The first to open a gift from under the tree.

I am no poet, but here is the poem I came up with to explain the Christmas Pickle. 
JBody and I have heard many talk of the Christmas Pickle tradition this year and we searched for one of our own.  No such luck, so I came up with my own.

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1/2 water
Mix all ingredients together
Kneed for 10 mins.
Cook for 1 hour in the oven at 300 degrees

We added gel food color to our dough so they came out nice and green.  Then we painted them with Elmers glue and sprinkled LOTS of green glitter on them.  I have a feeling the glitter will rub off as time goes on, but hey everything I used to make this cute little ornament was already part of my crafting and kitchen supply!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snowman Ornaments

This is the second year we have made these cute little snowman ornaments.  The first time we made them we used glass balls.  This year I found shatterproof balls and redid them.  We made extras to give out as teacher gifts too.  They are so cute and so easy to make.

To make you will need:
A Blue Ornament Ball
White Paint
Red Paint
Green Paint
Black Medium Point Sharpie
A Little Hand

1. Paint child's hand with white paint.
2.  Place hand around ornament
3. Let Dry
4.  Paint hats and scarves
5. With sharpie draw branch hands
6.  Write name and date on the the palm portion of handprint
7. Let Dry
8.  Enjoy!!

The Ledgend of the Christmas Spider

A tale from Germany

If you’ve ever gazed at the beautiful tinsel sparkling on your Christmas Tree and wondered who came up with idea of decorating the tree in this way, wonder no longer. According to German legend, it signifies a Christmas miracle from many years ago.

The day before Christmas, as the small house in Germany underwent its Christmas Eve cleaning, the resident spiders, not wanting to be swept up with the broom, hid in the attic. When nightfall came and all were settled into bed, the spiders crept downstairs. To their amazement, in the middle of the living room was a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree. They were so excited that they ran all over the tree. They scurried up the trunk and leapt from branch to branch. Unfortunately they had left their mark. A gray spider web now covered the whole tree.

When Weihnachtsmann, also known as Father Christmas, arrived he was amused to see the tree covered in spider webs. Now he faced a dilemma. The family would be disappointed to see their beautiful tree all wrapped in the webs, but the spiders were so pleased with their handiwork that he did not have the heart to take it down. What could he do?

He thought and thought and came up with a wonderful solution. He turned all the webs into beautiful shimmering silver strands. When the family awoke on Christmas Morning they ran to the living room and saw their tree sparking and glittering in the morning sun. Their delight was unsurpassed. They had never seen such a beautiful tree. Only the mother knew that a true Christmas miracle had occurred overnight.

 This weekend my sister in law taught us how to make these beautiful Christmas ornaments.  The one above is a larger version of the one she showed us how to make.  I finished it this afternoon and wanted to share it with you.

Christmas Snowflakes

I promised I would post another Christmas craft you can make using your cricut.  These were really easy to make and turned out so cute.  Because sheets of tile come as a 12x12 sheet, I was able to make over 20 gifts with 6 magnets a piece. 
On each of the bags there is a card that says:

"Those we love are the snowflakes of life.
None are the same, each is beautiful,
and all bring something special to our world."
~Martin Buber~

Merry Christmas and Happy Crafting!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cookies and Milk for Santa

Somehow our Santa plate didn't make it into the Christmas box when all the decorations were put away.  So sadly both our santa plate and mug were broken over the course of the year.  However, they have been replaced with these super cute ones.  I went to the in which will not be named because I really dislike this store, but it is the ONLY store of it's kind here in our small little town.  What makes this Santa plate so cute is...
It went from this

To this!

Isn't it cute?  It isn't exactly what I wanted, but I still think it turned out cute.  No the hearts aren't on the actual plate.  I had to cover them up for this reason.  I so do love my cricut.  It helps add that little personal touch to everything.  Stay tuned for a cute Christmas gift idea using the cricut. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wilton Christmas Baking Products $80 Prize Pack Giveaway

Wilton Christmas Baking Products $80 Prize Pack Giveaway

I wish I knew how I could be a Wilton Mom Ambassador.  I love Wilton products and use them quite often for my cake decorating, cookies, cupcakes, etc.  Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House is offering a great giveaway that I hope to win.  You can have the chance to win too if you head over there

Wilton is generously giving one of her readers a Christmas Gift Pack with the following items.

Wilton Cookie Exchange ($14.99)

Whether you’re hosting or simply attending, Wilton Cookie Exchange will help you bring excitement and fun to the party. From creative invitations and table decorations to cookie designs unlike any others, this is the book you need to make the day merry.

Book Contains:

More than 150 easy and exciting holiday cookie decorating ideas in 6 favorite seasonal shapes—Snowflakes, Trees, Stars, Ornaments, Gingerbread Boys and Spritz.

Classics holiday cookie recipes such as gingerbread and shortbread and tempting new tastes such as Butterscotch Chocolate Pecan Bars, Peppermint Ribbon Cookies and Almond Snowballs.

Tips on hosting your own cookie exchange - Wilton Cookie Exchange will help you coordinate every detail. Our Exchange Basics section is a blueprint for a successful event. It’s filled with suggestion for creating fun, informative invitations, setting ground rules for guests, packaging cookies to look their most festive and more. There’s even a week-by-week checklist for organizing your cookie exchange without stress.

Kitchen-tested steps for perfectly baked, taste-tempting and colorfully decorated holiday cookies.

Non-Stick Mini Holiday Pan ($11.99) - Winner gets *two* of these

So versatile! Includes 12 classic shapes for your single-serving holiday cookies and molded desserts. Easy-release non-stick steel delivers great detail. 12 cavities, each approximately 2 3/4 x 2 1/4 x 1/2 in. deep.

Comfort Grip™ Cookie Press ($12.99)

Experience a classic press that is truly comfortable. Its ergonomic handle feels great in any hand and the easy-squeeze action releases perfectly shaped dough. The clear barrel takes the guesswork out of refilling. Fluted bottom raises the press off the cookie sheet to help you create better shapes. Perfect for making spritz cookies!

5 Piece Holiday Roller Cutter ($7.99)

Detachable mini cutters in 5 merry shapes!

Cutting batches of holiday cookies couldn’t be easier! The cutter wheel holds detachable mini cutters in 5 merry shapes--just roll out dough, and roll across with the cutter to cut perfect cookies. Comfortable ergonomic handle makes cutting easy.

Includes stocking, bell, gingerbread boy, snowman and tree.

I think this would be so fun for the kids too.  I would love to try this one out.

Cookie Spatula ($6.99)

Angled blade moves cookies from pan to plate with ease. Great for brownies and bar cookies too. Non-slip handle, durable, easy to clean stainless steel blade. Dishwasher safe.

Woodland Friends Cookie Box Kit ($5.29)

Cheerful cookie boxes are ready to fill, personalize and give as gifts to family and friends! Fill the boxes with seasonal cookies and treats, then add the festive sticker and personally-printed label.

3 BOXES – 3 x 6.25 x 6.25 IN; 3 SEALS – 1 IN DIA; 3 PRINT-YOUR-OWN LABELS – 3 x 1.5 IN

Holiday Tented Gift Boxes ($4.19)

Fun treat boxes ready to fill and give as gifts to family and friends! Complete the perfect holiday gift with colorful boxes and stickers.
3 BOXES 8.5 x 4 x 3 IN; 3 SEALS – 1 IN DIA

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Countdown Has Begun

I really like advent calendars.  I am always looking for new ones that I can make and add to my collection.  I should seriously look for new ones months in advance.  But like so many things, December creeps up on me and I barely have time to finish the newest addition of my advent collection.  This year was no exception.  I finished this first advent tonight.  Just in time to begin filling it.

This is the calendar filled.  Each figure is added to the hanging daily.  The last day baby Jesus is added to complete it. I love love love this one.  Not only it is an advent, but it is also a nativity.  There are only so many places you can put a nativity and I love that this one hangs on the wall.

Razy showing you how the calendar works.

These calendars were made by JBody's step mom.  They are made from fabric with pieces of yarn to tie a little treat onto.  Some of the treats have meaning, others are just for fun.  The last day there is a not that JBody and I leave for the kids to let them know we love them.  I still need to place the notes, but the rest is complete.
Haha I just realized I put the picture upside down.  Oops sorry.

I bought this one last year from costco.  On each of the buildings are little doors that you can put a treat or note in.  I am using the village this year for our evening scripture/devotional time.  Inside each door is a scripture or story and a song.  Every scripture/story has to do with the birth of our Savior or about service and love.  There is a song to go along with each of the scripture/stories. 

Every year we make a chain calendar with the kids.  Tonight we made them and got them up.  We still need to add the fun dates that take place before Christmas (ie JBody's Birthday, Papa's Birthday, Joseph Smith's Birthday, Christmas Eve, ect)

This calendar is another favorite.  It is a magnetic calendar.  I have seen others take one of the items off each day, but I like to add them.  The first is a picture of what it looks like today.  The bottom is a picture of what it will look like on Christmas.