Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kalaloch 2008

Can you believe that we are actually posting something? It has been months. This is all about our camping trip to Kalaloch this summer. Hope you enjoy. We are glad to be back.
To the Store and Back

The trip to Kalaloch can't be completed without a trip to the store. This year we also started off with a trip. We've got to have our icecream.

Auntie Bales and Lil' E posing on the bridge

Doble's Turn

Stroller Buddies

Brotherly and Sisterly Love

Kalaloch Beach

Kalaloch beach is right near our campsites so we go down there quite a bit. The kids love climbing on the driftwood (there is a bunch of it), we build beach fires, play bocce ball, and just sit around and talk.

Razy had no fear of sand. In fact she thought it was there for snacking. It was all over, including the diaper.

Can't remember why Doble was upset. I think he got some sand thrown at him.

The kids all love to play on the logs. This year they had a little war throwing pieces of wood at eachother and who do you think started it all...

Our Daddy, JBody.

The hotdog man and his cool hotdog roaster. He is proud of his roasting stick. Can't you tell?

Lil' E enjoying the hotdog man's gourmet hotdog...mmm!

Ruby Beach

One of our favorite beaches at Kalaloch. The kids (and dads) love to throw rocks into the water. The kids also like to swim in the water here. Most years we go out to the big rocks. I was looking forward to taking a family picture on the rocks, but the fog was so heavy that day. Maybe next year. Doble took a spill and ended up in the water, but still enjoyed himself.

Before the fall

After the fall


Duepa spent alot of time with the kids out on this large piece of drift wood.

Lil E'

What is it with guys and throwing rocks in the water or at a target?

The Big Cedar Tree

Every year we have gone out to Kalaloch I have wanted to go to the big cedar tree. However, it just never happened. This year we finally saw it. The kids had fun climbing in, around, and on the tree. We even stopped to pose for a family picture. Not more than 10 minutes of being there Lil' E starts crying saying that he got stung by a bee. 2 minutes later I look at a screaming Razy who has a hornet digging it's stinger into the top of her head. Just about the same time, Emma (one of our nieces) starts screaming. She got stung on the face and then the bugger fell down her shirt and stung her 4 more times. We'll see if we ever go back there again.

Party of Five and the Big Cedar Tree

Can you say "CHEESE"?






Beach 4

Beach 4 is where we go to go smelting. No luck this year catching anything but we did manage to get some good pictures.

Like my new hat?

Tay Tay look and Me

Razy, Razy, What do you see?

I see Lil' E looking at me

Nice view wouldn't you say?

The boys and the beach

Messy toes

Too Cold, Too Cold

Waiting for the waves

The most recent Party of Five family picture

We Are Family

This is just about everyone who came to the ocean this year. We are missing a few families. Every year we seem to get just a little bit bigger. Kalaloch has been such a fun tradition. It is something are family looks forward to every summer.

Duema and Duepa

For those of you who don't know or forgot, Duema and Duepa are J Body's parents.

Duema's and Duepa's Gang

This includes: Duema and Duepa, JBody's siblings and spouses and all the grandchildren

Brothers and Sisters

These are all of JBody's Siblings:

Siblings and Spouses( and significant others):

Yes we all are quite silly

Duema and Duepa with Grandkids

All the grandkids were here this year...Yeah!