Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hand Print Ballerina Tutus

This year for Razy's birthday we had a ballerina party.  We wanted to make it special and send each of the invited ballerinas home with a party favor.  What better than their very own tutu and a handprint tutu.  Want to make your own? Your in luck, they are super easy.
Stretched Canvas (or even paper)
Pink Card stock (or any color you would like
Two colors of pink (or any color you choose)
Hot glue
mod podge
lighter to burn ribbon edges

Lets Get Crafting:
1. Take your card stock and fold it in half to cut out n symmetrical leotard.  I actually found that doing this on a piece of paper and then tracing it onto the card stock was easier and you didn't get a line down your card stock. 

2. Mod podge one side of the card stock and lay it onto your canvas (or paper).

3. Using the light colored paint, paint your child's hands and have them press four times (twice for each hand) onto the canvas under the leotard for your tutu. 

4. After washing your child's hand, paint it in the darker color and place one print of each hand to make the tutu look fuller and have a little depth.  Let dry.

5.  Cut a piece of ribbon to fit across the bodice, above the tutu prints.  I like to burn the edges to keep from fraying to to make it look cleaner.  Hot glue the ribbon down.

5. Tie a bow, burn the tails and hot glue it onto the ribbon you already glued down. 

6.  Hot glue ribbon to the back of your canvas so you are able to hang it.

7.  Sit back and smile at how cute your project turned out.  Don't forget to write the date on the back so you remember how old your little one was when they made this cute project.



these ballerina bags are so cute ;)

emily k

I've been sitting here for the longest time flicking through your blog posts, drooling over the recipes and envying your creativity! you're so clever! you've given me inspiration for new snacks and treats to make as i usually play it safe and stick to cookies. so thank you!